How do I put on a meditation blanket?

Please see this video. Simply pull the arms of the blanket towards you and then wrap them around your back and belly. You can move any excess material behind you under your bum, or simply leave it as it is. You can also wrap any excess material under your knees to keep those feet warm, or simply let the material hang loose. There should be a pleasant sense of being wrapped comfortably and tidily, facilitating a clear mind, ready for meditation. 

Where is still and steady based? 

still and steady Ltd. is a private limited company based in London, incorporated on 25 January 2021, with company number 13154798. still and steady® is a registered trademark and has four meditation blanket design patents.

Can I wear the blanket as a poncho?

Absolutely. Especially our range of wool meditation and yoga blankets are designed to also be worn as a poncho. You can wear it on the go or inside, after your yoga session or breath-work. So our meditation blankets are not only unique in the sense that they are the only blankets designed for meditation and post-yoga breath-work, but also in the sense that they can be worn as a fashion accessory. Covering the shoulders whilst meditating is also very comfortable and therefore relaxes the body and mind.

Should I use a meditation mat and a meditation pillow whilst using the meditation blanket? 

The reason why this really is the best meditation and yoga blanket out there, is that it can also be folded over and under your knees and feet so that you don't really need a meditation mat, as the warm and comfortable wool and fleece are between you and the floor. So no mat required - a good meditation cushion, however, is essential. 

What material are the meditation blankets made of?

We currently offer two types of meditation blanket: wool and fleece. The wool version is 100% lamb's wool, made in Inner Mongolia. The fleece version is 100% polyester fleece, made in Guangzhou. 

What are the dimensions of your meditation blankets?

The fleece blankets (135cm x 150cm, 580g) are a slightly different size to the wool blankets (130cm x 155cm, 510g) as they are only meant to be worn as a meditation blanket or as a poncho whilst meditating. The wool blankets can be worn as meditation blankets, a poncho whilst meditating or on the go. 

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

We're based in London, so deliveries across the UK take 1-3 days, depending on your proximity to London. All other global deliveries take 4-5 days. 

Will the blankets fit me?

The blankets are all 'one-size-fits-all' so should be suitable for all shapes and sizes. For any questions, please reach out to enquiries@stillandsteady.com

Are all of your products available globally?

All our products are available globally and we offer free shipping globally from orders above GBP 50. Typical delivery times: 1-3 days for the UK and 4-5 days for orders outside the UK.

What if I receive a faulty product or just want to return it because I changed my mind? 

Please send an email to enquiries@stillandsteady.com and we'll provide you with free return postage and refund you the full amount. 

Do you offer discounts for repeat customers?

Sure thing! Repeat customers are our favourite. Please email us at enquiries@stillandsteady.com and we'll send you a discount gift code. 

Do you offer any additional meditation accessories?

Currently we're looking to expand our offering of specifically meditation blankets and establish excellent standards within this class of products. All our products are designed to enhance your yoga, meditation and breath-work, to help you ease into that moment of peace more quickly. So currently this is our focus.

Do you offer discount codes for gifts?

Helping a friend with the gift of meditation is something we'd welcome greatly. Should you want to offer our meditation and yoga blankets to a friend, we'd be most happy to provide you with a discount code. Please get in touch: enquiries@stillandsteady.com